ed_rivers_web.jpgIn 1984 Ed Rivers started The Window Wizard window cleaning company in the city of Sonoma California. He put an ad in the paper in November of 1984, during a pouring rain. To his great surprise calls started coming in; he had run into the what's known in the window cleaning business as the pre-Thanksgiving rush. With boatloads of friends and relatives arriving from all over, homeowners needed their windows looking sharp and pristine for their holiday entertaining.

The Wizard immediately discovered that cleaning the window tracks and frames, hand buffing the streaks and washing the screens with soap and water were services not provided by most window cleaners, who primarily attended only to the glass. His customers were ecstatic when they say what he had done. They told all of their friends.

Winter came after the Christmas rush, homeowners put off more cleaning until spring, so the Wizard established commercial accounts. He became well known for the quality of work and the value added components that made the Wizard so popular in the residential market.

Spring arrived and the demand was so intense he hired technicians to deal with the heaviest seasonal rush. The wizard established standards, procedures, and protocols and trained employees for working in a service related business. He kept asking customers "What do you want? What are you looking for?" and the answers were always the same: "I want the tracks cleaned, the screens washed and I don't want to see any streaks when the sun shines through!"

For the past 21 years he has continued to ask his customers questions and each and every year he learns something new. During year four, he started cleaing mini blinds. "If you can do such a great job on the windows, how about cleaning these blinds for me? It's an awful task!!!"

"Hey Ed!" customers would ask, "Our power washer guy went out of business, can you shoot the sidewalks down before you wash the shopping center windows? And with all of those ladders you have can you clean out my rain gutters? You do mirrors? Light fixtures? Hey Wiz!!" Each and every service added by the Wizard included the creation of standards, procedures, and protocols. To this day The Window Wizard and his staff do their magic, servicing the needs and wishes of their customers, ongoing and new.


Windows are the eyes to the soul of the home, and that goes for business locales, too. Windows are everywhere, from master bedroom suites to office desk niches. These spaces are intimate, private domains, and need to be treated with respect. One must be friendly, honest and demonstrate integrity in every aspect of our services. All Wizard employees are carefully screened and are carefully trained how to perform in a professional manner. With that comes the commitment to detailed craftsmanship and an eye and feel for customer satisfaction.


Melissa Cortner
Melissa has been a Wizard for over 15 years. Her friendly manner makes her popular with our customers and they also appreciate the way in which she handles the technicians on her crews. A great project manager, Melissa is a relentless crew captain and a fantastic customer relations expert. She can out-work any man and climb higher ladders than anyone on staff. When the Wizard is away, she's the boss!

Josh Ellers
On of the friendliest people you'd ever want to meet, Josh is a great ladder climber, a crew captain, and our commercial route project manager. Customers find Josh to be very likeable and courteous. He's a hard worker, dedicated and interested in the goals of the business.

Justin Toulze
Crew Captain, power washing project manager, and faithful employee for several years, Justin can do almost anything. He is great with the Cal Osha ropes for steep roof tops used in getting to hard-to-reach areas. He's a stellar ladder climber, and the extension pole project specialist. Great at working with employees, Justin has what our customers call the "Toulze charm!"

Kenny Sherman
Kenny never misses a day of work! He's friendly, honest and courteous. Kenny can handle all ladder projects, he's a mini blind specialist and enjoys working the early morning commercial routes. His respectful brand of humor makes him an enjoyable person to have around. He works hard, volunteers for Saturday work and has the right dedication in mind that every employer hopes for.

Mike Hansen
Mike can work and work and work and is one of the fastest technicians the Wizard has seen in a while. Set Mike loose on the outside and he's been known to finish before the inside crew gets out. Mike's got a gentle personality that goes over well when training new employees and they quickly come to respect his technical prowess in the field. He volunteers for weekend work and early hours don't seem to bother him at all.

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