We use a product called "Squeegee", which has a neutral ph, plus a silicone additive. The neutral ph keeps all sensitive surfaces safe, like sensitive sills and floors, plus it is "softer" on the environment. The silicone allows the rubber squeegee to smoothly glide over the glass; less pull.less streak. On the whole it's an easy product to use and is also soft on the hands. We window cleaners have to keep an eye on skin care with our hands in the solution all day long. This is the only soap that the Window Wizard uses. Most window cleaners, surprisingly, use Joy dish soap! It's inexpensive, a good and consistent cutter plus works well with the squeegee. The Wizard uses "Squeegee" as it is more concentrate, more effective and professional.

Most over-the-counter products are homeowner-designed, to spray on the glass and wipe off, making them very convenient, very easy and very popular. You must, however, do the application at least two times to insure that everything gets off of the plate. Otherwise, you are simply spraying the solution on the glass and smearing it around, usually so evenly, that it appears clean. But give it ten minutes or walk by the plate when the sun is shining through and you'll see the swirls and the Picaso-like strokes of your handiwork!! The Window Wizard hand scrubs the glass, totally cuts off all solution and debris with the squeegee, and then applies a buffing regimen using three different polishing towels to insure that everything is removed. If you hand-buff after using spray-on products with two to three towels, you can get close to the desired result: a debris free plate of glass. Call us for an appointment, it's faster and easier!!

Plastic sun shields, usually professionally adhered to the inside of the plate, cuts down on temperature and glare and reduces the sun bleaching of carpets, draperies and furniture. Cleaning is easy as long as petroleum-based products are used (no amonia) and absolutely no abrasive scrubbing agents can be used, ie: teflon pads, newspapers, paper towels, or steel wool. A soft soap like Squeegee and or any alcohol based solution can be used well diluted. Squeegees can be used with light towel buffing with very soft towels free of harsh particles and debris. Poor cleaning care can make the plastic to brittle causing bubbling and cracking, not to mention the scratch marks that abrasive products will provide.

Most cleaners wet the glass down and squeegee it and maybe take a towel to the perimeter. The Wizard's process is much more involved. We wet the glass, scrub the glass, squeegee the glass, hand buff the the tracks or gutters are vacuumed scrubbed and dried, and the rest of the frame gets the same. We clean the sills, decorative trim and wash the screen with soap and water. An average window cleaner in Northern California charges $5.00 a plate. That's $10.00 for an average size window with two plates of stationary and the other sliding with a screen, inside and out. We charge $7 a plate.$14 per window in and out. Four bucks more! Ladder work and rope work is of course extra, and larger plates of glass can cost more, too. Access is an issue. Heavy shrubs, large furniture, stairwells all come into play in calculating the price of a project. Call for a free estimate.

In our experience, the most favored residential schedule is, Spring, again in the Fall, and then the entertainment windows for the holidays, ie: Thanksgiving and Christmas, Hannuka, etc. I do mine about every five months, plus when my wife might suggest that company is coming over. The best "windows are clean all of the time" schedule is every three months. One customer told me that "they were perfect for one month and looking ok for the other two!" We have some customers who have them done monthly if there is high exposure to traffic or other environmental causes for dirt and dust to accumulate. To each their own. I suggest that if the windows are dirty, it's overdue! You call and we will come running!!

Obviously, during the day is optimal, although we quite often do night work for our commercial accounts. The Window Wizard employees would also firmly assert that weekends should never be encouraged; yet that occurs, too (much to their dismay!). If the customer needs work done, we'll do it one way or another.

Window cleaning is best done on days that won't conflict with other services. For example we have a customer that doesn't want our service during her piano lessons. Moms prefer non-nap times. Home businesses don't need the sound of vacuums during phone work or meetings.

There are times that window cleaning should be done before vs.after!
Before the carpet cleaners and the janitorial folks!
Before the guests arrive
Before the Saturday party, most prefer Wednesday or Thursday and never on Friday!
Before Mothers Day!
After the painters
After the pest control spraying
After the wine crush or the landscaping
After the kids go back to school! (Our Sept. rush!)
After the power washing
After, (as some prefer!), the Sat. Party, vs before!

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