While window cleaners can be found that charge somewhat less than the Wizard, none can be found that are as professional, reliable, efficient and honest. In our 21 years in this business, we have seen a large number of window cleaning "companies" come and go...mostly go. We remain, and thrive, because we have an enormous number of repeat customers, and they tell their friends about the high-quality work we do. Our customers take pride in their homes, and they depend upon us to take pride in our work, which we do. If you are looking for the highest quality work performed in a professional manner, on time and on budget, we'd be delighted to number you among our clients.

We do homes, apartments, condos, townhouses, but please note, we have a 2-story limit. We soaping_web.jpgcan do inside and out, out only, or even partial entertainment areas; are these all available options. We cater to any size project but specialize in large estate-scale properties. We have the manpower to handle multi-structure properties in one visit. Many customers are on regularly scheduled visits designed to fit within their busy agendas.

We provide services for contractors and owners on newly constructed residential and commercial projects. We specialize in removal of stickers, silicone caulk, over sprayed paint, general construction goo!! 2story minimum and large projects can be completed in one day.

wooden and faux shutters and blinds
We use a specialized system that washes the blind, and exhaust dries it before we take it back into the location for re-installation. The mini blinds will look better than they did when they first came out of their box.

gutter__clean_web.jpgRAIN GUTTER CLEANING
We have a 2-story maximum. Our customers appreciate this service especially in the fall and winter when leaves fill the gutters. We carry plumbers snakes for unclogging the downspouts, and we bag and remove the debris when we are done.

Here we offer a vital service to those prepping their properties for sale. Power washing is a must as it dramatically sharpens the appearance, and window cleaning is crucial. Some customers claimed that they were sad to sell their house as they didn't realize how nice it was until after we provided the cleaning. Definitely a must in showing your property for sale.

We have a number of products that work well on shower doors, sprinkler system plates and other scale build up situation. Oftentimes a plate of glass is so severely damaged that we will need to call in glass restoration specialists. We have select companies that we can refer you to should the need arrive.

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